Begonya Enguix

Begonya Enguix
Begonya Enguix (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. UOC)

Begonya Enguix is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC, Barcelona, Spain) where she also coordinates the Degree on Anthropology and Human Evolution URV-UOC. She holds a degree in American Anthropology (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), a degree in Advertising (UCM-UOC) and a PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology (Urban Anthropology)(Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona).
Her main fields of interest are the anthropology of genders, sexualities, identities and bodies and their intersections with activisms, the digital, urban settings and media. She has been involved in many research projects on gender, migration, love, bodies and sexuality. Nowadays, she leads (PI) the research project Genders and Postgenders: a Cartography of Meanings for Social Trans/formation (National Programme of R+D, 2017-2019) and coordinates (PI) the Research Group MEDUSA: Genders in Transition. Masculinities, bodies, affects and technoscience (UOC). She is also a member of Mediaccions@Digital Culture Research Group (UOC) and of the Research Group on Anthropology of the Body (Catalan Institute of Anthropology). She has published over 50 works.