Piero Vereni

Pietro Vereni
Piero Vereni (Università di Roma)

Piero Vereni is currently associate professor of cultural anthropology at Università di Roma “Tor Vergata” and contract professor at Trinity College – Rome Campus. He earned a PhD in anthropology in 1998 doing fieldwork in Western Greek Macedonia. He has also done fieldwork (1998-1999) between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland when research assistant at the Queen’s University of Belfast. He is now working on fatherhood and globalization in Rome. Among his publications: “Os Ellin Makedonas. Autobiography, Memory and National Identity in Western Greek Macedonia” (2000); Vite di confine. Etnicità e nazionalismo nella Macedonia occidentale greca (2004), Identità catodiche. Rappresentazioni mediatiche di appartenenze collettive (2008), “Fieldwork in Pandora. What does Anthropology have to do with a Blockbuster?”, Paradigmata. Zeitschrift für Menschen und Diskurse (2010); “Foreign Pupils, Bad Citizens. The Public Construction of Difference in a Roman School”, (2014).
Contact: pietro.vereni@uniroma2.it

Real men on the streets. Conflicting masculinities between Bangladesh and Rome

2103 was an important year for “street violence” among Bangladeshi citizens. In Dhaka and other cities in Bangladesh a series of planned killings took off, where intellectual, journalists and other supposedly anti-Islamic bearers of cultural difference where hacked on the streets by machete holders. Meanwhile, in Rome an emerging group of neo-fascists would go out at night to perform ritual beatings against Bangladeshi shopkeepers (“Let’s go and have a “bangladino”!). These two distant sets of action, involving Bangladeshi men as perpetrators or victims, seem to intersect complex clusters of race, religion and virility, exhibited on the urban border between post-colony and neoliberal processes of moral hegemonic discourse.