Teresa Jurado

Teresa Jurado
Teresa Jurado Guerrero (UNED, Madrid)

PhD in Political Science and Sociology at the European University Institute in Florence she works as a professor and researcher in the Department of Sociology II of the National University of Distance Education (UNED) in Madrid. Her research focuses on the comparison of study of political and social structures and family relationships from a gender perspective. She is co-editor and author of the recent book Padres y madres corresponsable. Una utopía real. La Catarata, 2015”. She is an activist in the Plataforma por Permisos Iguales e Intransferibles por Nacimiento y Adopción (Platform for Equal and Non-transferable Permits for Birth and Adoption) (PPIINA).
Contact: tjurado@poli.uned.es

Platform for Equal and Non-transferable permits: Working to raise awareness and political change

The Plataforma por Permisos Iguales e Intransferibles de Nacimiento y Adopción (Platform for Equal and Non-transferable Permits for Birth and Adoption) (PPIINA) is a nonpartisan platform and only claim; It is composed of more than one hundred civil society organizations that promote a legislative reform aimed at equalization of permits of paternity and maternity. This reform is essential to ensure that women are not discriminated in employment because of maternity, so that men can share the care of their children as equal and to ensure the right of children to be cared by each of their parents. Currently in Spain the maternity leave is for 16 weeks, while the paternity leave is for only 2 weeks. Because of this inequality of rights, men can not share the responsibility of taking care of their children with the mother, which makes women be seen as less available workers. In 2011 the PPIINA presented its bill to reform the permits. In 2012 the Congress of Deputies unanimously approved by all parliamentary groups, a proposition of law recognizing the relevance of this reform. The aim of the paper is to present the claim of PPIINA and activities aimed at political change towards gender equality.