Ritxar Bacete González

Ritxar Bacete González
Ritxar Bacete González (Researcher at the Community and Family Policy Department of Employment and Social Policy of the Basque Government)

Anthropologist, Social Worker, Coach, specialist in gender, masculinity and positive parenting. Member of the Network of Men for Equality. Coordinating the “Involvement of Basque fathers in raising: Impact on shared responsibility and productive work” Research for the Department of Family and Community Policy of the Basque Government in collaboration with the University of Deusto.
Contact: ritxar.bacete@gmail.com

Paternity and public policy initiatives. The incorporation of men to care through the experience of parenthood: proposals from Euskadi.

In the last few decades, there have been significant changes in the role of women in different public areas, creating new meanings of motherhood, but also questioning the hegemonic paternity model. These changes have not been accompanied by a significant and proportionate involvement of men in reproductive and care work. The exercise of paternity has been the caring space where some men have been gradually incorporated to a greater extent than others, being an ideal moment for changing paradigm of masculinity.

We propose that ensuring equitable access to resources of all people is a political responsibility of men but also of all public administrations as well as social and business organizations.

We will look into various initiatives that have been launched in Euskadi to try to incorporate men into care spaces and practices through the experience of parenthood, as well as other initiatives and strategies that are being implemented.