Paco Abril

Paco Abril
Paco Abril
(Homes Igualitaris – Ahige, University of Girona and UOC)

Sociologist and activist of men for equality. Teacher at the Faculty of Education and Psychology at the University of Girona. He is president of the association Homes Igualitaris Ahige Catalunya. His research lines include gender, masculinity, joint responsibility, paternity and coeducation.

Emerging Paternities

What does being a father in Spain in the XXI century imply?
From this question the paper explores the different positions taken by Spanish men when they become fathers.We will analyze the factors that determine if either a type of traditional parenthood or one more focused on care will be exercised, the current meaning of being a “good father”, the challenges faced by new parents in a social context of changes, instabilities and risks and the challenges of public policies to promote paternity committed.

This contribution is based on qualitative data taken from interviews from the research project Transparent. For this research, we interviewed 68 couples that became parents for the first time, between 2011 and 2013 in Spain.