Mark Simpson (2)

Mark Simpson
Mark Simpson
(United Kingdom)

UK writer Mark Simpson is the author of several books, including Male Impersonators: Men Performing Masculinity and Metrosexy: a 21st Century Self-Love Story. Back in the un-moisturised 1990s he predicted that the future of masculinity was metrosexual. His Cassandra-like prophecies were largely laughed off at the time, but the self-loving, image-conscious male he identified and intimately anatomised has come to define 21st Century masculinity.

Mainstream Male Anal(ity)

November is the international month of prostate health – dubbed ‘movember’. But Mark Simpson argues that the male prostate isn’t just for cancer – it’s also increasingly explicitly for pleasure. He probes the ways that male passivity and anality, once completely taboo and emasculating, has been exploited and promoted in ‘gross-out’ Hollywood movies, but also in glossy, aspirational adverts for Tommy Hilfiger, Habitat and even Ford cars.