Krizia Nardini

Krizia Nardini
Krizia Nardini (Grassroot Networks, Barcelona)

Trained in Philosophy and Gender Studies, is PhD Candidate in Anthropology at the Open University of Catalonia. Her project investigates men’s networks for gender justice in Italy and Spain. Krizia is member of Atgender: European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation and of MenEngage Europe. In 2015 she joined the American Men’s Studies Association. Contact and more information on Krizia’s academic work can be found here.

Profeminist Masculinity Politics in Transnational Networks: Current Questions and Challenges

In the European context, the question “where do men stand?” in relation to gender justice has been a pressing one not only on a policy level (European Commission’s Strategy for Equality between Women and Men 2010-2015, European Women’s Lobby 2011, European Institute for Gender Equality 2012), but also and especially among gender-sensitive organizations in institutionalized as well as non-institutionalized settings (Bergmann et al. 2014). Joining the MenEngange global alliance, networking among organizations, local initiatives, profeminist advocates, professionals on the field and researchers has recently provided the ground for creating MenEngageEurope, which is growing in affiliations and transnational connections. This includes the Asociación de Hombres por la Igualdad de Genero (Spain), Man for Change and White Ribbon (UK); Män för Jämställdhet (Sweden); eMANcipator (the Netherlands), Männer Gegen Männer-Gewalt (Germany);  StatusM, (Croatia), Centar E8 (Serbia), Men’s Development Network (Irlanda), Promudo (Portugal), and many other groups. This presentation maps out the current questions and challenges related to profeminist masculinity politics in a transnational perspective, starting from looking at the cases in my PhD research, mainly conducted among the members of the network Maschile Plurale in Italy and among the members of the movement Hombres por la Igualdad in Spain.