Elli Scambor

Elli Scambor
Elli Scambor (Institute Men and Gender Issues, Graz, Austria)

Sociologist. Lecturer for Gender Research and Sociology at different Universities in Graz. Research Director at the Institute for Masculinity Research and Gender Studies (Focus: Gender Research and Men’s Studies in the fields of education, work and segregation, caring and work distribution, organisational analysis, violence prevention and resilience). Scientific coordinator: The Role of Men in Gender Equality (2011-2012).

Contact information:
Institute for Masculinity Research and Gender Studies. Association for Men and Gender Issues Styria, Austria. Dietrichsteinplatz 15/8 Graz, Austria
web: www.genderforschung.at
mail: scambore@genderforschung.at

The Role of Men in Gender Equality – European Insights and Strategies

The presentation will be based on results of the Study on the Role of Men in Gender Equality, a European study in all 27 EU member states and EFTA states, which aimed to provide a better knowledge of the role and positioning of men in gender equality issues. Men’s practices and interests regarding gender equality vary, partly due to differences in provider roles and economic circumstances, but also due to different social, political and cultural patterns. During the last years a special focus on men and masculinities has emerged at the European level and the amount of research as well as specific strategies have increased.
The study offers international insights allowing for comparisons, based on particular data material from EUROSTAT, on national reports and factsheets from all countries, on a review of relevant literature as well as on interviews with international experts. Despite a variety and plurality of country patterns, a European vision becomes obvious, framing ‘care’ as an important issue in gender equal societies and as a counterpart to traditional concepts of male power. Especially among young men in urban areas of Europe ‘caring masculinity’ has emerged as a new pattern of masculinity, and there is still potential for an increased care involvement of men.
Based on the main study results, the lecture will focus on some key issues in developing policies in order to improve the role of men and foster an integrated perspective.
For more information: http://ec.europa.eu/justice/events/role-of-men/index_en.htm

Key words: changing gender relations, masculinities, intersectionality, gender equality.